What Are the Advantages of Plastic Corrugated Ducts Compared to Metal Corrugated Ducts?

advantages of plastic corrugated ducts
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Prestressed corrugated ducts are mainly used in highway bridges, railway bridges, the construction of water conservancies, electric power, and other projects. The prestressed system composed of prestressed corrugated ducts and accessories shall meet the requirements of post-tensioning grouting. Compared with metal ducts, the plastic corrugated duct has the following advantages:

  1. The raw material of the prestressed plastic corrugated duct is HDPE. Its corrosion resistance is far better than that of metal, and it is not afraid of acid and alkali corrosion. It does not corrode itself and can effectively protect the prestressed tendons from corrosion. Many prestressed structures are subject to severe external influences, such as deicing salt or saltwater. When the post-tensioned component collapses or fails due to the collapse of the waterproof layer, the leakage of micro-cracks, and the blockage or failure of the drainage facilities, the prestressed tendons may be corroded. The “grouting of prestressed tendons” in the “FIP Construction Guide” points out that metal ducts have no permanent anti-corrosion ability and are insufficient to resist water leakage and reach the slurry and prestressed tendons. The prestressed plastic corrugated duct can provide barrier protection for the prestressed tendons that is far superior to that of the metal corrugated duct and can prevent harmful substances from penetrating the pipeline from pollution, thereby ensuring that the post-tensioning prestressed structure has better durability.
  2. Under the same conditions, the friction coefficient of the reserved holes of the prestressed plastic corrugated duct is significantly smaller than the friction coefficient of the reserved holes of the metal ducts, which reduces the friction loss of the prestress during the tensioning process. Generally speaking, the coefficient of friction of plastic ducts is 0.14, while that of metal ones is 0.25. The prestressed plastic corrugated duct has high strength, is not afraid of stepping pressure, and is not easy to be broken by vibrating. Its sealing performance and anti-leakage performance are higher than that of the metal corrugated duct, and it is more suitable for vacuum grouting.
  3. The prestressed plastic corrugated duct is non-conductive, which can prevent stray currents from corroding, and metal is a good conductor of electricity.
  4. The prestressed plastic corrugated duct has better labor resistance and can greatly improve the fatigue resistance of the components.

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