How to Use Prestressed Steel Strand Tension Jack?

prestressed steel strand tension jack
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The YDC series center hole multi-strand jacks are lightweight jacks, mainly used for the overall tensioning of group anchors, and can also be used for pushing, lifting, and traction.

Tensioning jacks can be divided into center hole jacks, pedestal jacks, and front clamp jacks, which are special jacks used for tensioning steel strands or finishing rolled rebar. The tensioning jack needs to be used in conjunction with the tensioning oil pump, and the power for tensioning and topping is provided by the tensioning oil pump.

When using YDC series jacks, in order to facilitate construction, prolong the service life of the jacks, and facilitate safe tensioning operations, in addition to complying with the relevant specifications for general prestressing operations, the following issues should also be noted:

  1. When using a new or unused tension jack, because there is a lot of air in the cylinder, first reciprocate the jack with no load 3-5 times before use to remove the air in the cylinder to avoid shaking due to the influence of air in the tensioning application.
  2. The return hydraulic pressure of the tensioning jack cannot exceed 10MPa.
  3. When the tensioning jack is working under pressure, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble any parts in the hydraulic system.
  4. The stroke of the tensioning jack is the maximum stroke, and it is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum stroke during the tensioning process.
  5. When the tensioning jack is used or stored, it needs to be dust-proof, rain-proof, and sun-proof.

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