What are the Common Problems of Anchorage in the Construction of Highway Bridges?

the common problems of anchorage in the construction of highway bridges
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Prestressed technology will be used in large-scale bridge construction projects. It is used to stabilize the internal structure of the bridge. Prestressed anchorages are indispensable accessories for the project. What problems will usually occur with prestressed anchorages in bridge engineering?

Anchorage problems and countermeasures

An indispensable construction accessory in prestressed construction is anchorage. However, there are certain problems in the choice of anchorage connection position and size. Therefore, in order to ensure the construction quality, effective ways to solve the problem should be based on the actual needs of the project, and relevant standards.

  1. The connection problem of anchorages. Here mainly refers to the flat anchor. Under normal circumstances, the application of flat anchors is restricted, and the application environment is that there are certain restrictions on the cross-sectional size of the structure or the structural connection. The main problem is that many construction organizations have used flat anchors in the “box girder bottom plate” and “slab girder structure” at the same time for economic benefits. Some construction organizations have even applied for patents in this area. The approach is incorrect. Because the tensioning in the flat anchor construction process is carried out one by one, if it is carried out as a whole, it will be technically limited, which will cause the force of the steel strand to lose balance, and if the flat corrugated duct is used to retain holes, it will cause more serious problems. The best solution to this problem is to avoid flat anchors in bridge structures such as box girder plates, webs, and hollow slabs.
  2. The size of anchorages. Check the size strictly when selecting prestressed construction materials. For the size of the anchorage, if the length of the clip is less than 50 mm, it must be avoided in the construction. The relevant size and thickness should also be focused on according to the needs of the project.