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spherical rubber bearing

Spherical Bearing

Spherical bearing is a new type of bridge bearing developed on the basis of pot bearing. The spherical bearing has the same rotating performance in all directions and is suitable for curved bridges, slope bridges, slanted bridges, wide bridges, and long-span bridges. The spherical bearing has no load-bearing rubber block, especially suitable for low-temperature areas.

The spherical bearing not only has great capacity, large displacement but also suitable for projects that require large turning angle of 0.05rad or more in all directions, which is suitable for wide and curved bridges.

The spherical bearing transfers force through the spherical surface, no contraction of load will occur, and the reacting force on concrete is relatively even.

Normally, the horizontal load for spherical bearing for fixed type and sliding guided type is no more than 10% of the vertical load. But we can also design as to customer requirements.

Structure of Spherical Bearing

The spherical bearing is mainly composed of base plate, spherical PTFE plate, wiper seal, middle plate, flat PTFE plate, an upper slide plate and an upper plate.

structure of spherical bearing

1. Lower plate   2. Spherical PTFE plate   3. Seal kit   4. Middle plate   5. Flat PTFE plate   6. Upper slide plate   7. Upper plate


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