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strip seal expansion joint

Strip Seal Expansion Joints

Strip seal expansion joint system is mainly consisted of three parts: the hot-rolled special-shaped steel profile, rubber strip seal and reinforcement bar. This kind of joint has features in simple structure, easy installation,  excellent durability and reliability.

Due to its small height and simple structure,
the strip seal expansion joint is not only suitable for replacement for old.

Strip seal elastromeric joint (Movement up to 80mm). Strip seal expansion joint consist of two edge beams with anchorages and with elastomeric sealing element held firmly in the housing of edge beams that guarantee the water tightness the joint. The maximum gap between the edge beams at the road surface when the joint fully opens due to maximum contractions of the deck shall be limited to 80mm for comfortable passage of traffic. The edge beams protects the adjacent bridge deck concrete from damage due to vehicular impact and also transfer the vehicular loads to the deck structures through robust anchorage system. Typical single strip seal joint is shown in the figure below.More susceptible to vandalism Contact pressure of seal with steel noising which is the key for effective sealing mechanism decay considerably with age. Hence more safeguards are required during installation for ensuring desired level of compression in the seal.

Design Features:

  1. A number of profiled steels at different dimensions and weight available;
  2. Steel profiles are integrated fabrication to ensure consistent strength; Yield strength of steel profiles all reaches 345 MPa;
  3. Extrusion cavity mechanically locks rubber seals for watertight purpose;
  4. Movement can reach up to 80 mm;
  5. Movement and rotation can occur in three axes;
  6. Joint system can be cast into the concrete slab;
  7. Installation and maintenance convenient;
  8. Custom design available for unique projects
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expansion joint (2)

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