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strip seal expansion joint

Strip Seal Expansion Joints

Strip seal expansion joint system mainly consists of three parts: the hot-rolled special-shaped steel profile, rubber strip seal, and reinforcement bar. This kind of joint features in simple structure, easy installation,  excellent durability, and reliability.

Due to its small height and simple structure, the strip seal expansion joint is not only suitable for replacement for old.

Strip seal expansion joints for movements of up to 80 mm are expansion joints made of a single set of structural steel, rubber sealing strips, and dowel rods. According to the cross-sectional shape, they are divided into 5 types, including GQF-C, GQF-F, GQF-E, GQF-Z, and GQF-RG. Being fully anchored within the depth of the road surfacing, strip seal expansion joints can prevent roads from cracking caused by climatic change.

In order to meet the requirements of the bridge deformation, strip seal expansion joints are usually set at each end of the bridge, between the ends of the beam and abutment, or on the hinge joints of the bridge. They are applied with rubber noise weaken boards which can help to increase movement and reduce noise from over-passing traffic by up to 80%.

Structure of Strip Seal Expansion Joints

Strip seal expansion joints consist of countersunk screws, edge beam, rubber strip seal, and dowel rods.

Cross-sectional shape

gqf c expansion joint
gqf f expansion joint
gqf e expansion joint
gqf g expansion joint
gqf rg expansion joint

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