finger expansion joint

Finger Expansion Joints

Finger expansion joint is made up mainly of finger plate,sealing system and bolt fasteners. This kind of expansion joint has good properties. Such as , smooth ride, moisture resistance, and easy to install and replace.

Finger expansion joints are designed for longitudinal movement capacity up to 400 mm, even more. Their steel edge profiles are welded with strong anchor loops for the durable concrete connection to the bridge structure. Finger plates are fixed with steel edge profile by high strength bolts. This connection method ensures the quick replacement of any finger plate on site. The finger plates can reduce the noise emission and increase driving comfort when traffic passes. A drainage channel is firmed connected with the two steel edge profiles, which ensures the expansion joint is watertight.

Features and benefits:

  • Long service life
  • Reliable installation
  • Low noises
  • Smooth driving
  • Excellent waterproof function

Application of Finger Type Bridge Expansion Joint

Finger type bridge expansion joint is widely used in highway and railway bridges, and any construction like this to protect the bridge edge joint with road.

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finger type expansion joint (2)

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