Pot Bearing

Pot bearings can satisfy the requirements of large load capacity in three directions, great horizontal displacement and big rotation angle. Pot bearing can be designed and manufactured according to AASHTO, EN1337 as well as BS5400 Standards.

Pot bearings with elastomeric bearings pad fitted inside of steel plate, is the widest used type for transferring vertical or horizontal loads from superstructure to the pier as well as allowing rotations on any axis. Meanwhile, it’s capable to accommodate horizontal displacements of superstructure taking advantages of the reduced friction coefficient between stainless steel panels and a layer of PTFE.

GD: denotes fixed bearing.

DX: denotes sliding guided bearing in vertical direction.

SX: denotes free sliding bearing in vertical and horizontal directions.

Structure of Pot Bearing

structure of pot bearing

Physical Properties of Rubber


Polychloroprene rubber

Natural rubber

Hardness (IRHD)



Tensile Strength (MPa)



Elongation at Break (%)



Low Temperature Brittleness (℃)



Permanent Deformation at Constant Compression (70℃×24h) (%)



Ozone Resistance Aging 20% (38℃×100h) of Elongation

No cracks

No cracks

Hot Air-oven Aging Test (Maximum Change)

Testing Conditions (℃×h)



Tensile Strength (%)



Elongation at Break (%)



Hardness Change (IRHD)

0, +10

-5, +10


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