PLC Tensioning System – Intelligent Operation Makes Construction Simple

intelligent bridge tensioning equipment
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What is a PLC Tensioning System?

PLC tensioning system refers to the automatic operation of the machine through the intelligent control of the computer without the use of manual labor to complete the tensioning of the steel strand. Prestressed bridge tensioning is the key to the construction of prestressed engineering. The prestressed tensioning technology effectively guarantees construction quality. Therefore, the emergence of the intelligent tensioning system guarantees the quality of prestressed engineering.

PLC Tensioning System Features

1. The system can control 2 or 4 jacks at the same time to realize multiple simultaneous and balanced tensioning constructions.

2. Precisely control the size of the tension value, and accurately measure the elongation value of the prestress. It can automatically make up the tension, automatically collect the elongation value of the prestress, and check the error of the elongation value at the same time.

3. The system adopts wireless control, remote monitoring, easy operation, and high maintainability.

4. Intelligently analyze and process data, and automatically generate various reports required for project management.

The word “intelligence” is a good overview of the characteristics of the PLC tensioning system. The new generation of machines uses the touch screen on the machine to complete the output and recording of various data, abandoning the old tradition of manual operation and recording by oil pumps and technicians. This not only reduces the working strength but also makes the tension value of the steel strand more accurate.

The overall PLC tensioning equipment is composed of a primary tensioning pump, an auxiliary tensioning pump, jacks, displacement, and pressure sensors. Common PLC tensioning system has ZNZL-50-2 type (it can only tension the steel strands in one channel of the beam at a time), and ZNZL-50-4 type (it can tension the steel strands in two channels of the beam at the same time).

How to Choose a Jack?

The tension jack is an indispensable part of the PLC tensioning system. And the jack ranges from 27T to 650T. How do you choose which jack to use?

If there are multi-strand tensions, it mainly depends on the number of holes in the anchorage. The tensile force of a 15.2 steel strand is about 20 T. Multiply the number of anchors with as many holes as 20T, and the result is the tonnage of the jack you need. With the 5-hole anchor used for 15.2mm strand: 5*20=100T, you can ask the manufacturer for a 100T jack.

If it is a single tension, it is a 20-ton jack which is generally QYC270 type.

Application of PLC Tensioning System

The PLC tensioning system is suitable for the construction of bridges, highways, railways, hydropower stations, and other projects of pre-tensioning or post-tensioning. Nowadays, the equipment has been widely adopted in various places in China. Not only that, some foreign countries have gradually begun to adopt the PLC tensioning system to improve construction quality.