What Are the Advantages and Functions of the Fully Threaded Bar System in Construction?

fully threaded bar system in construction
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The fully threaded bar system is mainly used for anchoring the finished-rolled rebar. Its application areas are very common, such as roads and bridges, engineering buildings, dams, ports, and so on. It is one of the things that cannot be lacked in engineering construction.

The fully threaded bar nut is a kind of spare part in the finished-rolled rebar anchorage. Its materials are generally 45# and 40CR materials. Its appearance design is divided into two types, one is a flat shape, mainly used for dead ends, and the other is a tapered shape, mainly used for prestressed stressing ends. The shape of the two is different, and the effect is also different.

The advantages of the fully threaded bar system are as follows:

1. The main parameters of the structure are effective, and the scope of application is universal. It is suitable for roads, railway lines, engineering buildings, dams, highway bridges, and other different prestressed steel bars.

2. Effectively improve the standard of heat treatment method, reliable technical characteristics, and high efficiency of immobilization.

3. Adopt new technology and new technology of raw materials to obtain high-efficiency and stable tensile strength and compressive strength.

4. Engineering construction is convenient to use, simple and easy to install, improves work efficiency, and reduces construction costs.