Static Load Test of Prestressed Anchorage

static load test bench
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Before the static load test of prestressed anchorages, the samples should be visually inspected to see if there are any stains, especially oil stains, and wiped clean if any. All samples must be free of cracks, and the wedges must have effective marks. When there is no problem with the visual inspection, please refer to the manual to find out the strength grade of the applicable prestressed steel strand.

The steel strands need to be provided by the testing unit and have undergone mechanical performance tests, and the average value of the measured tensile strength in the relevant steel standards should be compared with the tested anchors to see if they are the same, and they cannot be used when exceeded.

In the formal test, the Rockwell hardness test of metallic materials must be done first. The static load test can only be done if the hardness test is qualified. When everything is ready, start the static load anchoring test. Safety protection is essential.

When the steel strand has the same design level as the test prestressed anchorage, a certain length of steel strand is cut according to the number of holes in the prestressed anchorage. When taking the steel strands, pay attention that the steel strands must not be damaged, and there must be no butt welds.

Then observe the room temperature and humidity to see if it meets the test requirements. If there is no special requirement, the temperature is 10-35°C. When the temperature and humidity meet the requirements, the test can be started. First, perform the hardness test according to the specification. When the hardness meets the requirements, you can do the static load test.

The above is a brief introduction to the static load test of the prestressed anchorage. Henan Zhongjiao Road&Bridge Engineering Materials Co., Ltd specializes in producing the post-tensioning system for over 10 years. We have our own professional static load test center for prestressed anchorage. If you want to know more about prestressed anchorages, welcome to consult