Construction Process Of Post Tensioning Anchorage

construction process of post tensioning anchorage
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  1. Clean the concrete inside the bearing plate and the corrugated duct.
  2. Remove rust and mud on the prestressed steel strands.
  3. Put on the working anchor head, and smear a thin layer of lubricating oil in the hole of the anchor head according to the climate.
  4. A working wedge is installed in each hole of the anchor head.

Installation of Stressing Jack

  1. Put on the corresponding limit plate, and determine the limit size according to the diameter of the steel strand.
  2. Install the tensioning jack and connect it with the electric oil pump.
  3. Install the reusable tool anchor head.
  4. Install the tool wedges (the surface of the wedge is coated with paraffin).


  1. Slowly send oil to the cylinder of the tensioning jack until it reaches the design value.
  2. Measure the elongation of the prestressed tendons.
  3. Make a detailed record of the tension.


  1. Loosen the oil delivery valve, and the tensioning piston will return several millimeters under the retraction force of the prestressed tendons. The working wedges are anchored to the prestressed tendons.
  2. Close the oil return valve, send oil to the return cylinder, and the piston slowly returns to the end.
  3. Remove the tool wedges, tool anchor head, tensioning jack, and limit plate in order.

Seal the Anchor

  1. At a distance of 50mm from the working clip, cut off the excess prestressed tendons, and seal the anchor head with concrete.
  2. Grouting into the tensioning hole within 48 hours with the mortar pump.
  3. Seal the end of the anchor head flat with concrete.

The above is the entire tensioning process of the post-tensioning anchorage. Henan Zhongjiao Road&Bridge Engineering Materials Co., Ltd specializes in producing the post-tensioning system for over 10 years. If you want to know more about post tensioning anchorages, welcome to consult