Selection and Storage Requirements of Corrugated Metal Ducts

selection and storage requirements of corrugated metal ducts
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Corrugated metal ducts need to be investigated in many aspects when selecting, in addition to considering the pressure of the material, it is also necessary to measure the size, and the temperature range that the material is subjected to during use, and so on. The use of corrugated metal ducts follows the first-in-first-out principle. When storing, pay attention to the surrounding environment that there is no acid gas volatilization, there is a magnetic field, etc. Let’s learn more about it together.

How to select corrugated metal ducts

The prestressed corrugated duct should be selected according to the design requirements, generally composed of metal corrugated duct or plastic corrugated duct. For T-beams, small box beams, and cast-in-situ structures with a span greater than or equal to 25m, plastic corrugated ducts should be used; metal corrugated ducts should be used for hollow slabs with spans less than 25m. When pouring concrete into a post-tensioned prestressed concrete structure, the ducts in the concrete must not leak. The corrugated duct should meet the requirements of design strength, so that it can still maintain the original shape under the gravity effect of the concrete, and can transmit the bonding stress as required. The appearance of the prestressed ducts should be inspected before use. The internal and external surfaces should be clean, and free of rust, oil, holes, and irregular folds, and there should be no openings or tripping at the nozzle.

How to store corrugated metal ducts

The material of the metal ducts is Q195 carbon steel. Each batch of ducts should be stored in the warehouse after arriving at the site. If the conditions on the construction site are not allowed, the following storage methods can be used.

1. Use moisture-proof paper to pave the bottom of the corrugated pipe, and cover it with rain cloth or plastic cloth.

2. If it is not used for a long time, it can also be treated with fuel injection. The emulsion is diluted with water and then use a sprayer to spray evenly on the surface of the prestressed metal ducts.

Corrugated metal ducts play a decisive role in the construction of bridges, and you must avoid direct rain and pay attention to moisture during storage. Once the surface is corroded, it will directly affect the fusion of the prestressed metal ducts and concrete, thereby affecting the quality of the bridge.