Prestressed Metal Ducts Selection and Joint Considerations

prestressed metal ducts selection
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Prestressed metal ducts need to have high-quality corrosion resistance, good elasticity and tensile resistance, and the processing technology must meet relevant requirements, and be suitable for the processing environment. Only prestressed metal ducts that meet all the above conditions can be selected. Pay attention to the tightness when prestressed metal ducts are stacked to prevent leakage during use. The following is a detailed introduction.

Prestressed metal ducts selection

  1. The duct has better corrosion resistance and can meet the requirements in different environments.
  2. High elastic limit, tensile strength and fatigue strength ensure the normal operation of the ducts. 
  3. Outstanding plasticity facilitates the processing and forming of the corrugated duct and can achieve satisfactory hardness and strength through subsequent processing techniques such as cold work hardening and heat treatment.
  4. Excellent welding function of the tube, meeting the welding technical requirements of the stainless steel ducts in the production process. For the thermal pipe network laid in the trench, when the compensator is located in a low terrain, rainwater or accidental sewage will soak the corrugated pipes. Consider choosing materials with stronger corrosion resistance, such as iron-nickel alloys and high-nickel alloys. Due to the high price of such materials, when making ducts, it is possible to consider adding a layer of corrosion-resistant alloy only on the surface in contact with corrosive media.

Points for the joint of prestressed metal ducts

  1. The mechanical strength of the prestressed metal ducts. When the joint strength of the two ends of the prestressed metal ducts is not high, it is recommended to adopt the bonding method and soldering method to implement the prestressed metal corrugation. The butt joint of the pipe, because this way, the prestressed metal corrugated duct does not need to be processed very large and finely. 
  2. Prevent leakage when the prestressed metal ducts are connected. It is necessary to ensure the air-tightness of the joint when the prestressed metal ducts are connected. If the prestressed metal ducts leak in the entire project due to the wrong operation, it will greatly reduce the life of the project.