Main Control Measures in Prestressed Construction – 2

Control The Quality Of Grouting Operations
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Control the quality of grouting operations

In post-tensioning prestressed concrete members, pressure grouting is used to fill the pre-embedded channels and gaps between the prestressed tendons to solve the problem of joint working of structural concrete and the problem of anti-corrosion of prestressed tendons. When the span is bent and non-horizontal, the space without cement slurry is formed after the bleeding of the cement slurry evaporates, where the prestressed tendons lose their protection.

In the high-stress state, the prestressed tendon is very sensitive to corrosion, and the cross-section defect of the corroded part of the prestressed tendon will affect the safety and durability of the prestressed concrete structure.

Therefore, the corrosion resistance of prestressed tendons, the safety performance, and durability of prestressed structures can be directly affected by the quality of grouting.

Therefore, sufficient attention should be paid to quality problems such as the shrinkage of the cement paste in the tunnel and the separation of the tunnel wall after hardening, the cement paste is full, there are voids, and the strength of the cement paste does not meet the requirements after hardening, and should be solved in time.

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