Prestressed Concrete Poles

railway prestressed concrete poles
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In the past few decades, prestressed concrete poles have become widely known and have replaced traditional poles made of wood, steel, or reinforced concrete. Pre-stress is to add a pre-tension to the component before use, and pull it to the yield limit so that the plastic deformation of the component reaches the value corresponding to the yield limit, and there will be no greater deformation when subjected to tension in the future. The so-called pre-stressed pole is also made of reinforced concrete, and its application scope is wider, mainly for the transmission of high-voltage lines with voltages above 35 kV.

What are the differences between prestressed concrete poles and traditional poles?

  1. The difference between prestressed concrete poles and non-prestressed poles lies in the steel bars. Non-prestressed poles use 5.0 high-strength steel wires, and non-prestressed poles use 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 threaded steel bars.
  2. Production process difference: The prestressed concrete pole first affirms the external force of the steel bars, and then pours the concrete. After the concrete is condensed, the concrete pole itself is in a stressed state after the reinforcement is broken. Then improve the crack resistance and rigidity of the component. The non-prestressed pole uses a model mold, using two semi-circular models, the cement jacking pipe, and the mechanism into a circle puts the concrete in the high-speed centrifuge and rotates at high speed so that the concrete and the steel can be well integrated.
  3. Performance difference: The prestressed concrete pole has good crack resistance, so the steel bar is not easy to be corroded, and the durability has been improved. The prestressed pole generally has a smaller section standard, which can save materials. Prestressed poles are generally used in major power transmission lines. They have greater bending and torsion rigidity, strong wind, ice, and snow resistance, longer length, and meet the needs of special applications such as high voltage, and their safety has also been improved.

The prestressed concrete poles can be used as lighting poles, railway power, and signal, supporting poles, telephone poles, flag poles, antenna masts, etc.