How To Extend The Service Life Of Bridge Expansion Joints?

bridge expansion joints
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Different bridge structures require different bridge expansion joints, and its quality determines the service life of the bridge. Choosing the right type will prolong the service life of the bridge, so how to choose the right one is very important! When choosing, we must not only consider economic factors and quality, but also consider durability, flatness, water resistance, water resistance and workability!

The daily maintenance of bridge expansion joints is an important part. If they are not repaired in time, it will affect driving comfort and safety. It will also cause the normal shortening between the beam and the beam or between the beam and the abutment back, damage the beam or back wall, damage the bridge support, abutment and cover beam, and reduce the service life of the bridge.

Bridge expansion joints refer to elastic joints that are usually arranged between two beam ends, between beam ends and abutments, or in the direction of the hinge of the bridge to meet the requirements of bridge deck deformation. It is required that the elastic joint should be flexible, firm and reliable in the two directions parallel and perpendicular to the axis of the bridge, and the vehicle should be stable during the passage period without sudden jump and noise; rainwater and waste soil should be avoided; equipment, inspection, protection and removal of dirt It should be simple and convenient.

Bridge expansion joints should ensure that the elastic joints are in good working condition and have the due effect. It is required to ensure that there is no dirt and soil in the rubber strip, prevent rainwater from intruding, and promptly inspect, maintain and repair. In order to prevent water from flowing to the piers and abutments in the rubber strips, waterproof measures should be taken to prevent water from flowing. It is required to set up warp heads at both ends of the bridge expansion joint joints, and the length and viewpoint should be set according to different bridge decks and road surfaces. Under normal circumstances, the wrench equipment should be connected to the bridge anti-collision wall.

Bridge expansion joints should not only be selected correctly, but also daily maintenance should be paid attention to, so as to extend the service life.