Our Company Successfully Win the Bid of Prestressed Anchorage for Hainan Ring Island Tourism Highway Project

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In the bidding for the prestressed anchorage of the Hainan Ring Island Tourism Highway Project, our company successfully won the bid with its excellent product quality, sufficient production capacity, and perfect after-sales service, and became the only supplier of prestressed anchorage for the Hainan Ring Island Tourism Highway Project. The number of prestressed anchorages is about 40,000 sets, the total contract value reaches RMB 2.98 million, and the supply period is about one year.

The appearance, hardness, tensile strength, static load anchoring performance, total force change of ultimate yield force, and friction loss of anchor mouth of our prestressed anchorages conform to the requirements of JT/T 329-2010 Prestressing Strand Anchorage, Grip and Coupler for Highway Bridge.

The construction site of the Hainan Island Ring Road Project is located in Danzhou City and Yangpu, Hainan Province. The main line of the project is 118.688 kilometers long, and the connecting line is 46.205 kilometers long. The project duration is 900 days, and the total project cost is 1.731 billion yuan.