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screw grouting machine

Screw Grouting Pump

Model: SQ45

Application: It is used for mortar injection and expansion in prestressed structure,  long-distance horizontal and vertical transportation of cement slurry and mortar, the transportation of slurry and slag-like media in the chemical and food sectors, foundation grouting and pressure leak repair in mines, tunnels and river engineering, sewage discharge in the environmental protection industry.

The screw pump is a positive displacement rotor pump, which relies on the volume change of the sealed cavity formed by the screw and the bushing to suck and discharge liquid.

  • Stable work, no pressure pulsation. Because there is no pressure fluctuation, the grouting pipe is not easy to burst, which can effectively guarantee the quality of the grouting project.
  • Stable performance, low failure rate, and easy maintenance. The stator of this machine is made of imported rubber and is wear-resistant. When the rubber sleeve is worn out and cannot reach the rated pressure after long-term use, only need to clamp the stator shell with screws, reduce its inner diameter, and clear the gap between the stator and rotor.
  • The appearance is compact and easy to move.



Delivery Capability (L/min)


Max Working Pressure (Mpa)


Motor Power (KW)


Rotating Speed of Motor (r.m.p)


Delivery Height (m)


Horizontal Delivery Distance (m)


Weight (kg)


Dimension: L×W×H (mm)



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