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plc grouting machine

PLC Grouting System

Model: ZNYJ-700

Power Supply: AC380V / 220V

High Rotating Speed: 1460r/min

Application: used for slurry mixing, grouting, and grouting for highway, railway, beam yard, and bridge construction.

PLC grouting system is the special equipment for railway and highway construction. It integrates automatic feeding, automatic metering, high-speed mixing, low-speed mixing, slurry pumping, and remote monitoring. It is used in prestressed construction in railway, highway, and bridge construction projects. The production of some chemical enterprises has the characteristics of convenient movement, high degree of automation, accurate measurement, and simple operation.

  • Low-speed storage mixing and anti-sedimentation design
  • Mobile frame system
  • Automatic pressure holding function
  • Manual and automatic compatibility mode
  • Powerful data management software
  • Real-time data upload network platform (optional)
  • Automatic protection mechanism and automatic error detection capabilities
  • Diversified data backup management
  • HD large colorful LCD touchscreen
  • Fingerprint authorization boot function (optional)
  • The real-time monitoring function of the water-binder ratio (optional) 

Technical Data of PLC Grouting System



Power Supply

AC380V / 220V

High-speed Mix

Motor Power: 7.5kW, Rotating Speed: 1460r/min, Volume: 300kg

Low-speed Mix

Motor Power: 1.5kW, Rotating Speed: 70r/min, Volume: 400kg

Automatic Feeding Part

Motor Power: 2*2.2kW, Rotating Speed: 162r/min

Automatic Grouting Part

Motor Power: 5.5kW, Flow: 5m³/h, Pressure: 3MPa

Automatic Water Supply Part

Submersible Pump

Weighing System

Measurement error: ≤1kg (rated mixing volume)

Volume for 1 Time







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