How to Test the Hardness of Prestressed Anchorage Wedges?

test the hardness of prestressed anchorage wedges
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There are many different influencing factors in the process of hardness testing of prestressed anchor wedge. Relevant equipment and environment can be effectively calibrated and debugged by the metrology department, and at the same time, it is strictly tested in accordance with the testing operation manual and related operating standards. However, in the entire inspection process, the most difficult to control is the selection and production of tooling.

Today, we will give you a brief introduction to the tooling testing method and related testing environment using the “Rockwell Hardness Test Method”.

When the Rockwell hardness tester is used, the displayed value error generally cannot exceed ±1.5HRA. At the same time, each calibration period of the Rockwell hardness tester cannot exceed 12 months, and the repeatability cannot be higher than 0.8 Rockwell units. When testing, it is best to use a test bench made of cement or metal to place the equipment, so that the stability of the equipment can be ensured through a certain rigidity and strength. At the same time, adjust the level of the table to within 0.2/1000.

Finally, when testing, the detection environment temperature should be within 10 to 35 degrees Celsius, and to ensure that the temperature does not change significantly, to avoid temperature changes that affect the detection results. Also, note that there is no vibration source around the equipment to prevent the hardness tester from being affected by vibration or impact on the final test result.

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