Safety Matters of Prestressed Anchorage

the application and precautions of prestressed anchorage
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  1. When cutting the prestressed tendons (PC strand), be careful not to use the arc for cutting, but to use a grinding wheel saw.
  2. The related stressing jack and electric oil pump used in the prestressed construction need to be regularly calibrated and maintained.
  3. When installing prestressed anchorages, be sure to align the anchor plates and tighten the wedges while ensuring that there should be a uniform position. In the process of tightening the wedge, you must not beat it too hard to avoid the occurrence of damage to the wedge.
  4. The prestressed construction must be carried out by professionally trained construction personnel, and relevant safety measures must be taken to avoid unnecessary losses.
  5. After anchoring, the exposed length of the prestressed tendons shall not be less than 30 mm, and the anchorages must be protected with end-capped concrete. If the anchorages need to be exposed for a long time, effective anti-rust treatment must also be carried out. If the anchorage is found to be rusty, it must be cleaned up in time to avoid slippage during installation.
  6. The prestressed anchorages must be properly preserved.

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