How to Maintain the Rubber Bridge Bearing?

rubber bridge bearing
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The rubber bearing has good durability, low cycle fatigue strength, hot air aging resistance, ozone aging resistance, acid resistance and water resistance, and its life can reach 80-100 years. In order to ensure the installation and level of the rubber support, a 20-50mm thick dry hard cement mortar foundation layer should usually be established between the bottom edge of the rubber support and the top surface of the support plate. The compressive strength of the cement mortar foundation cushion must be as strong as the structural concrete. When the plan view of the support plate is large, the plastically deformed cement mortar foundation cushion can be placed first. The middle part of the cement mortar layer is convex spherical. When the cement mortar is put in place by the rubber support pad, the cement mortar will be flattened.

If the rubber bearing is installed with screws or steel wedges, and other measures are taken to calibrate the rubber bearing, after grouting the cement mortar foundation cushion, remove the calibration screws and steel wedges to ensure the proportion of the cement mortar foundation cushion force. When installing prefabricated beams, auxiliary structural support beams should usually be added first. After the support slab cement mortar is condensed and exceeds the specified compressive strength, it can bear the net weight of the beam.

The role of rubber bearings is to reduce the impact caused by external forces when highways or highway bridges are impacted by external forces. However, earthquake disasters or strong typhoons are not common, but temperature changes often make our builders very confused. Therefore, when installing the rubber bearing, pay attention to the changes in the local temperature difference.

China has abundant natural resources, and the temperature is changing all over the country. The high temperature of 40 degrees in southern China in summer will cause the concrete to deform and melt. If the annual temperature difference in southern China cannot be calculated reasonably, the temperature difference will cause the displacement of the rubber bearings, and the effect of maintaining road bridges cannot be achieved.