How to Install the Mining Anchorage?

the installation of mining anchorage
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As the key to underground waterproofing projects and rock slope support, mining anchorages play an important role in maintaining the stability of the project, especially in fault-cracked rocks. The anchoring device has a very obvious reinforcement effect on the rock. Next, I will introduce how to install mining anchorages in detail.

The advantages of mining anchorages

  1. Anchorage’s performance indicators have reached the overall level of world modernization.
  2. It has compressive strength such as reasonable structure and the total length of the external thread of the anchor.
  3. Compared with anchorages of the same specifications, the load-bearing capacity is increased by 40%.
  4. The scope of the use of mining anchorages has been continuously expanded, and end anchors, extended anchors, and full anchors can be completed.
  5. The actual operation is relatively simple and the price is cheap.
  6. The structure is reasonable, the pre-tightening force is large, it can automatically adjust the bearing force position, expand the restraint force on the rock mass, and can complete the mechanical automation and rapid installation and use.
  7. Equipped with the prestressed steel gasket, it is easy to control the quality of the installation and use of the product.

The installation of mining anchorages

  1. Drilling holes: The angle, diameter, and depth of the holes drilled on the roof and side of the roadway must meet the technical requirements, and must be matched with the mining strands and anchorages.
  2. Install the steel strand:
    (1) The steel strand used for installation must meet the requirements of the GB/T 5224-2014 standard, and there must be a qualified factory inspection report.
    (2) Manually stuff the anchoring agent into the hole, and then use one end of the steel strand to slowly feed the anchoring agent into the drilled hole.
    (3) Use a stirrer device to connect to the drill at the other end of the steel strand, and push it into the hole while stirring.
    (4) Stir while pushing.
  3. When installing the mining anchorage, install the anchor head first, and then break the wedge to make it cover the steel strand and push it up to the position close to the bearing plate and the top plate. Make sure that the big end of the wedge is flush. Finally, carry out the pre-tensioning operation as required.


  1. Do not use it when the wedges, anchor heads, and steel strands are severely corroded. When the inside and outside of the anchor head and the wedge and the stressing end of the steel strand have oil stains and debris, they must be cleaned up before use. If the stressing ends of the steel strands are scattered and deformed, they must be cleaned up before they can be used.
  2. If there are problems such as insufficient adhesion of the anchoring agent during the tensioning, the anchorage can be removed first for treatment.