Brief Introduction of Prestressed Construction

prestressed steel strand
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With the tension of urban roads, more and more bridges run through our city. In the construction of the bridge, the load-bearing capacity of the bridge is very important, so we need to add reinforcement devices to the cement!

Prestressed tensioning is to tighten the steel strands by jacks and apply stress to the bridge or members in advance so that the bridge or members will have upward camber, so as to improve the load-bearing capacity of the bridge.

There are two types of prestressed tensioning: pre-tensioning and post-tensioning. The pre-tensioning method refers to the first tensioning of the steel strand on the pedestal, and the anchoring of the steel strand on the pedestal through prestressed anchorages (anchorage is a fixture specially used for anchoring the steel strand, composed of anchor heads and wedges, etc.). When the concrete reaches the required strength, remove the anchorages and relax the strands, and the strength of the part of the steel strands combined with the concrete is transferred to the concrete.

Another method of prestressed tensioning is the post-tension method, which means that the concrete is first poured and then tensioned. Before pouring the concrete, a hole is reserved in advance. When the concrete reaches strength, the steel strand is inserted into the hole, then tensioned and anchored, and finally, cement slurry is injected into the hole with the mortar pump.

There are many types of prestressed tendons. In addition to the steel strands mentioned above, there are cold-drawn steel wires, rebars, etc. The anchorages used are also different.

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