What Should Pay Attention When Using a Tensioning Jack?

How To Use A Tensioning Jack
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Tensioning jacks are equipment often used in the construction of the railway, bridges, and other projects. There are some precautions when using the jack, especially when using the tensioning equipment for the first time. Let’s talk about the use of tensioning jacks.

  1. Do not connect the new oil pipe directly to the jack nozzle when using it. It should be cleaned in advance and flushed with the oil output from the oil pump before use.
  2. The jack, oil pump, and oil pressure gauge are calibrated before use. If the oil pressure gauge is touched or updated with a new gauge during use, it should be recalibrated. When the tension and the design deviation are large, consider whether the pressure gauge is accurate. No-load afterburning of the jack is strictly prohibited.
  3. The personnel operating the tensioning jack and measuring the extension value should stand on the side of the tension jack and strictly abide by the operating regulations. When the high-pressure oil pump is running, do not leave the post without authorization.
  4. A protective device should be set up behind the tension jack.
  5. When multiple wire bundles are stretched at the same time, the number of broken wires and slipped wires in the section of the component shall not be more than 3% of the total number of wires, but only one wire is allowed in a bundle.
  6. Floating rust, cement slurry, and mortar on the steel strands should be cleaned up in the tension and anchoring area to avoid affecting the anchoring.