Replacement and Installation Principles of Bridge Expansion Joints

replacement and installation of bridge expansion joints
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In order to meet the requirements of bridge deck deformation, bridge expansion joints are usually set between two beam ends, between beam ends and abutments, or at the hinge position of the bridge. Expansion joints are required to be able to expand and contract freely in two directions parallel and perpendicular to the axis of the bridge. They are firm and reliable. Vehicles should run smoothly without sudden jumps and noise. Bridge expansion joints should be able to prevent rainwater and garbage from infiltrating and blocking, and installation, inspection, maintenance, and dirt removal should be simple and convenient. When setting the expansion joint, the railing and the bridge deck pavement should be disconnected.

The role of bridge expansion joints is to adjust the displacement and connection between the superstructure caused by vehicle loads and bridge building materials. Once the expansion device of the oblique crossing bridge is damaged, it will seriously affect the speed, comfort, and safety of driving, and even cause driving safety accidents.

The bridge expansion joints are integrally formed by hot rolling and are mainly divided into special-shaped steel, anchor steel ring, waterproof sealing tape, embedded vertical steel bar, and transverse steel bar. Bridge expansion joints are important structural components connecting bridges and roads, which are easily damaged and difficult to repair.

Principles of replacement and installation of bridge expansion joints:

  1. In order to ensure the normal passage of the highway, half-passage, and half-construction, the expansion joint is divided into two sections during construction, and welding is carried out later.
  2. The expansion device should be installed in a horizontal position consistent with the road surface.
  3. The use of high-grade steel fiber concrete can make the concrete of bridge expansion joints wear-resistant.
  4. In order to ensure that the traffic can be used as soon as possible, a rapid strengthening agent can be added to the concrete.
  5. The old and new concrete should be treated well, and the interface should be coated with cement mortar adhesive.