Protection of Prestressed Materials

the application and precautions of prestressed anchorage
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Prestressed anchorages have made great progress in recent years, and are mainly used in the construction of highways, railways, bridges, urban overpasses, as well as high-rise buildings, construction of water conservancy, hydropower dam engineering, port and dock engineering construction, and rock slope protection, building foundation reinforcement works, etc.

As more and more prestressed products are applied to specific construction, the protection of prestressed product materials mainly includes the following three aspects:

  1. Relevant prestressed materials and anchorages must be clean. During the storage and handling of related materials, take care to avoid mechanical damage and harmful corrosion.
  2. When prestressed materials are stored in the warehouse, the warehouse must be dry, moisture-proof, have good ventilation conditions, and no corrosive medium is allowed.
  3. If the prestressed material is stored in an outdoor empty field, pay attention to the storage time not more than half a year. And it is strictly forbidden to directly stack the prestressed anchorage materials on the ground. It is necessary to put sleepers under the prestressed materials and must use tarpaulin for effective covering measures.
  4. Relevant prestressed anchorages, grips, and couplers must be kept by a special person and registered in a timely manner to record relevant storage matters.

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