We Won the Bid for Huzhou Reconstruction Project

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Pinghu-Anji Highway Nanxun District Lianshi-Hefu section reconstruction project, the main construction content is the widening and expansion of Huyan Highway, 32 newly built or rebuilt bridges along the line, 1 highway maintenance management station, and 2 highway post stations across the line. The total length is 33.6 kilometers, of which the route is about 32.5 kilometers long. It is fully used for 1.1 kilometers of Morong Interchange in Shuanglin Town, which is the first-class highway standard. Subproject 2: Reconstruction project of Shuanglin Town (Huxun Avenue to South Huancheng Road) on the Sanxin Line, with a total length of 6.088 kilometers, 5 small and medium bridges, with a total length of 192m, and 1 Shuanglin Bridge across the channel, The total length is 538m.

Our company won the bid for the prestressed anchorages of the Reconstruction Project. The total contract amount reaches over 1 million.