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Duct Making Machine

Model: KJ130
Steel belt thickness: 0.25 to 0.4mm
Duct diameter: 35 to 135mm
Length: Available upon request
Application: The corrugated duct produced is mainly used in post-tensioned prestressed concrete bridges, large-scale buildings and other projects to form prestressed holes, suitable for concentrated use in construction sites or factories.

KJ130 duct making machine is a special equipment to produce metal ducts, which are used for the pre-arranged holes in prestressing concrete. It can produce single-ripple and double-ripple metal ducts with diameters between Φ35 mm and Φ135mm. The machine is suitable for both on-site and in-factory constructions. In addition, our company also produces BGJ Flat Duct Making Machine, which is an auxiliary device for KJ130 and is used for slab anchors.

The main features of KJ130 duct making machine are as follows: small size, light weight, reasonable layout, beautiful appearance, high production efficiency, high strength of ducts, good flexibility, and easy operation and maintenance. It is suitable for concentrated production in construction sites and factories.

Technical Data of Duct Making Machine



Producing Speed


Diameter of Rolled Piepe


Thickness of Steel Belt


Width of Steel Belt


Power of Main Motor


Rotating Speed of Main Motor


Power of Cutting Motor


Rotating Speed of Cutting Motor



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