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corrugated plastic pipe

Corrugated Plastic Duct

Diameter: φ50-φ160mm
Thickness: 2 to 3mm
Length: Available upon request
Application: Corrugated pipe is mainly used in highway, railway, municipal bridge engineering, elevated bridge, water conservancy project, large iron and steel plant construction (pre buried bolt engineering) and large-scale high-rise building.

There are round plastic ducts and flat plastic ducts, both are made of polyethylene or polypropylene. The plastic duct is mainly used for prestressed tendons hole-making in post tensioning concrete structures. It is connected with different specifications of plastic duct connectors in actual application.


High corrosion resistance, aging resistance and fatigue durability

Excellent sealing and impervious performance

Technical Data of Corrugated Plastic Duct

Diameter Use for Multi-hole Anchorage
Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Models
Φ55 Φ60 / Φ66 ZJM15-3~5
Φ70 Φ75 / Φ81 ZJM15-6~7
Φ80 Φ85 / Φ91 ZJM15-8~9
Φ90 Φ95 / Φ101 ZJM15-10~17
Φ100 Φ105 / Φ114 ZJM15-18~19
Φ120 Φ125 / Φ134 ZJM15-21~23

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