Advantages And Functions Of Intelligent Bridge Tensioning Equipment

intelligent bridge tensioning equipment
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With the continuous development of society, equipment continues to develop and become intelligent, and automation has become a trend. Automation equipment is also widely used in today’s bridge and road construction. Tensioning is a key step in prestress construction, and its excellent construction quality will directly affect the stability of the structure. However, traditional tensioning construction completely relies on the construction personnel to operate manually with experience, and the error rate is very high, and the quality of the prestressed construction cannot be guaranteed. Many bridges were forced to reinforce ahead of time due to unqualified prestressed construction, and severely or even suddenly collapsed, causing huge losses of life and property to the society. Intelligent tensioning refers to the use of computer intelligent control technology to automatically complete the tensioning construction of the steel strand without relying on manual control by workers. The following will introduce the advantages and characteristics of intelligent bridge tensioning equipment.

Advantages of intelligent bridge tensioning equipment

First of all, remote monitoring can be realized, allowing you to view the entire operation process of tensioning, observe data analysis and make adjustments at any time.

Secondly, it has been greatly improved in terms of safety. If a power failure occurs during the operation of the machine, the equipment will immediately stop working to ensure safety.

Third, it has the function of automatic calculation, the accuracy is very high, and the error generated is small. The required oil pressure can be determined based on the frequency, the precise control of the tension value can be achieved, and the required elongation can be accurately measured.

Fourth, the operation of the equipment is automated to be less affected by the external environment, which makes it possible to operate the equipment in any environment, especially in bad environments such as rain.

Fifth, the operation interface is simple, so simple training can help you master the essentials.

Sixth, automatic alarm system. If a failure occurs during the actual operation or the tension result does not meet the requirements, the system will automatically alarm to ensure the safety of the equipment operation.

The function of bridge intelligent tensioning equipment

1. Adopt intelligent tensioning construction technology to realize intelligent automatic control of manual operation machines, precise synchronization, and increase the tension of automatic construction.

2. Adopt large-circulation intelligent grouting construction technology to discharge the air in the tunnel under continuous circulation pressure to ensure grouting compression, avoid or greatly reduce the corrosion of steel strands, improve the durability of the bridge structure, and at the same time grouting double holes, high work efficiency is improved. Improve project construction progress.

3. Intelligent tensioning and grouting system control schemes work together to ensure bridge prestress.

4. Intelligent construction changes the traditional quality control mode, realizes remote monitoring, the whole process system automatically works, construction specifications, the system automatically prints data sheets and intelligent control, remote control error tracking and timely correction, will not be tampered with, dynamic management and It’s easy to keep track of.

The above is about the advantages and functions of intelligent bridge tensioning equipment. The automation and intelligence of equipment make life more convenient. If you want to know more product information, welcome to consult