0.5“ Prestressed Concrete Strand for Shipment

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0.5” PC Strand for Shipment

There are five 20ft containers 0.5″ prestressed concrete strands are ready for delivery.

Prestressed concrete steel strands are commonly used in some construction projects, such as prefabricated beams and prefabricated panels used in bridge construction. The main constituent material of steel strand is steel wire, which is a kind of steel product made by twisting steel wire.

The number of 0.5″ prestressed steel strands is generally seven. The standard of our production is ASTMA416, GB/T5224-2014.

When the prestressed steel strand is stored, a suitable warehouse should be selected, which needs to have a good ventilation environment, and the ground should be hardened with concrete to ensure drainage around it. It is also necessary to use square wood pads under the steel strands. It is recommended to store different batches of strands separately.

There should be no dirt, such as dirt, on the strands. Oil stains, etc. should be cleaned up before storage. When cutting, make sure the strands are the same length.

Henan Zhongjiao Road&Bridge Engineering Materials Co., Ltd specializes in the production of prestressed concrete strands. If you are interested in our products, please leave a message online or send an email to sales@zjmaterials.com.