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spring load anchor

Spring Load Anchor

Name: Quick Set Spring Load Anchor

Model: ZJM-P

Applied for: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, etc PC Wire

Composition: Wedges, anchor barrel, screwing cap, and spring.

Application: Mainly used in coal mining, roadway, and bridge.

Spring loaded anchors are generally used at the dead end of the bed. The internal spring ensures that the wedge sits correctly inside the enclosed barrel, preventing the wedges from movement by work being carried out at the live (stressing) end.

Spring loaded anchors incorporate the same wedges as the open grip but have larger barrels and a spring mechanism. The threaded cap anchors can also be joined together with a center plug to make a double-ended joint.

Features of Spring loaded anchors:

  1. Unique teeth design helps strand to achieve the designated ultimate capacity
  2. Quick strand locking design
  3. Easy release post load
  4. Anti-corrosion coating
  5. Stamped load rating and strand size
spring load anchor (1)
spring load anchor (2)

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