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pre-tension coupler

Single Strand Coupler

Model: ZJM.L
Customization: can be customized
Composition: extruding anchors, bearing plate, spiral reinforcement, restraining ring.
Application: is used for connecting the single prestressed tendons in the post-tension or pre-tensioning method which can save a lot of steel strands.

Pre-tensioning construction procedure: first, stress the prestressed tendons to the designed control stress and fix the bars temporarily on a seat-typed steel mold with tooling anchorage, then pour in the concrete. Relax the tendons after the concrete reaches a desirable strength. By this method, the binding force of the bars and the concrete enables the concrete components to obtain prestress. With less process and high efficiency, the pre-tensioning method is easy to operate and ensures quality. It saves the permanent anchorage for anchoring the prestressing tendons.

The steel rebar coupler produced by our company includes line-rod coupler, line-line coupler, and rod-rod coupler. These devices connect with materials such as Φ25 precision rolled rebar as well as Φ12.7 and Φ15.2 strands, saving a large number of prestressed tendons for construction companies. These devices are safe, reliable, efficient, and material-saving.

structure of pre tension

1,8. Movable beam  2. Pedestal Jack  3. Fixed beam  4. Grooved pedestal  5. Strand  6. Jack for relaxation  7. Tool anchorage  9,10,13. Coupler  11,14. Tool rod  12,15. Nut

Specification of Single Strand Coupler

Item Line-line Coupler Line-rod coupler Rod-rod coupler
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
YJJ13-1 44 180 44 180 44 160
YJJ15-1 48 210 48 185 48 180

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